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Sporthy is a social media platform for sports and fitness. Whether you would like to work out from home assisted by top-notch fitness instructors, or share your own fitness videos with the rest of the world, Sporthy is the place for you.

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5 Smart Ways To Enjoy Online Sports Content

2 months ago

Online Sports are undoubtedly one of the many ways a lot of people enjoy spending their time. Although the pandemic has made it difficult to watch multiple sports games in person, enjoying sports online has always been popular.  You get to enjoy your favorite games conveniently and regardless of location. Plus, you can bet and win a lot of money. There are so many sports blogs and betting sites online and it can get you overwhelmed. If you want to get the best online entertainment, you need to figure out how to navigate it properly.  Below are some tips to help you enjoy online sports content; Follow A Reputable Sports BlogTo get the best sports content online, you need to stay updated and follow all of the new developments. The best way to achieve this is by following a reputable sports blog. There are so many sports blogs available online and choosing one can be difficult. However, there are a few considerations that you should pay attention to.What do they cover: Depending on what your interests are, you can pick out the best sports blog easily. Do they cover only football? Do they cover several sports including fantasy leagues? Choose a sports blog based on your interests.Subscriptions: While some sports blogs report news generally, others offer a subscription where you can get real-time news. It might also include a podcast where you can listen to different features. It's always a great idea to consider all the features you can access in a sports blog before making a decision. Sports PodcastsIf you have a knack for listening to major sports analysis as you go about your day, sports podcasts will be great for you. Sometimes listening to different sports heads explain their view of a match or player beats reading. And since podcasting has become popular in the last five years, it's a great choice.Sports podcasts exist in different varieties, each with its twists. For instance, Pardon My Take (PMT) is a podcast dedicated to sports analysis with a comedic view. They invite pro athletes to come over and give their views about several topics. Another interesting podcast is All The Smoke, specifically dedicated to sharing basketball content, they offer only authentic content. To pick out the best sports podcast, it's a great idea to check out reviews or ask the opinions of friends and colleagues.   Social Media PlatformsSocial media platforms are the easiest way to get information instantly in several events now. Whether you need information on a specific player or team, by checking their official social media accounts, you can access it. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the most common social media sports platforms.You can find several contents on multiple matches, important announcements, and players on an official social media account. Plus, there are accounts created by fans that are funny and engaging if that's your forte. Following both types of platforms will give you a daily dose of your best sports digest. Stream OnlineHaving access to the best online content is a crucial factor, especially if you're a huge fan. And the best way to keep updated is via live streams. Yes, you can watch television all day, but that's not sustainable. Your best option would be to consider streaming services.So many streaming services exist for you to choose from. Some of them are;SporthyHuluPeacockAmazon Prime VideoYouTube TVESPN+ Any one of the streaming services will allow you to get the best sports streaming experience. Join an Online Sports ChannelJoining a group or channel created for enjoying the same teams takes the experience to the next level. You can have great discussions and review games together. Navigating online sports can be overwhelming, to say the least. However, the options mentioned above are the smartest ways to enjoy online sports content. Plus, it's great for making an informed decision about placing your next bet. 

What The Future Holds For Virtual Sports Training And Fitness

3 months ago

In 2020, the world experienced a pandemic that shut down all physical contact. The pandemic and lockdown ended the world as we used to know it and ushered in another world. To communicate and interact in this new world, we needed to go virtual. There are now virtual offices and workplaces, virtual schools, virtual meetings, and even virtual parties. Sports was not left out in this virtual world. To stay healthy and fit during the pandemic, sports training and fitness routine went virtual too. Fitness applications, virtual coaches and trainers, online gyms, smartwatches, and even communities of fitness enthusiasts became a general thing about this new world.  Advantages of virtual sports training and fitnessYou can train anywhere without the physical presence of your coach. One important advantage of virtual sports training is that distance is no longer a factor during training. An athlete can train anywhere and at any time through the help of a virtual trainer and coach. Exercises can be done at home or in local gyms and monitored by coaches in another state or country. Most competitors in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics reported having trained miles away from their coaches during the heat of the pandemic. Sports training can reach more athletes With virtual sports training, especially using applications, athletes all over the world can train with top sports coaches. This would not have been possible without virtual sports training. Steve Kerr, a top basketball coach recorded instructional and practice videos in 2020 and these videos have trained basketballers all over the world. There are however some disadvantages that come with virtual sports training and fitnessLack of familiarity with the natural environment for competition in sports A major disadvantage of virtual sports training is that the athlete is removed from the natural environment of sports competition. The athlete practices in isolation and may have a tough time acclimatising to the environment of competition during the main event. A solution to this will be allowing an athlete to practice physically in friendly competitions before major events.Risk of overuse injuries or Insufficient training To get the best out of exercises and be a great athlete, one must carry out training and exercises over and over again. With physical training, there are trainers and coaches to tell you when to carry on and when to stop. However, because virtual sports training is self-motivated, there is a risk of over-do/doing less than enough. Doing the exercise too many times and longer than necessary may cause overuse injuries. While the lack of a team to motivate the athlete and the physical presence of a coach to spur the athlete to do more can result in insufficient training. A solution to this will be creating a one-on-one virtual training environment, where the coach or trainer can see, talk to, and motivate the athlete during training. Also, adding rest days and reminders to stop after a certain number of repetitions will prevent overuse injuries.While virtual sports training and fitness has come a long way especially in the last year, there is still so much more the future holds in this regard. Some of the future predictions for virtual sports training and fitness include; Using games as a means of progression: Just as with games where there are levels you must complete to unlock higher levels, virtual sports training in the future will also take this form. There will be beginner levels for athletes just starting, intermediate levels, and advanced levels during training. Athletes will have to complete simpler levels and learn the necessary skills before advancing to the next level. This will ensure that the athlete learns the basic skills needed in the sport and ensure appropriate progression during practice.Virtual reality: Virtual reality creates different scenarios for the training of the athlete. So that different simulation are presented to the athlete during training, and the athlete is required to train in each of the stimulations. Games can also be introduced in each stimulation to train the athlete’s skill from beginner level to advanced level before moving on to the next simulation. Neuro-coaching: In the future of virtual sports training and fitness, not only will the physical exercise be monitored, but the brain will also be monitored and coached. Neuro determiners of performance like focus, memory, sleep, and meditation, will be monitored virtually. The athlete will carry around a chip all the time, which will send data to their coach. The coach will process the data and train the athlete on ways to increase performance using the determiners.

The Potential Of The Online Fitness Industry

4 months ago

It’s a pity you won’t be able to access the gyms and outdoor spaces anymore. The entire fitness community is now moving online. said nobody.  Apparently the recent events and trends concerning fitness have seen a massive online activity. An exclusive online report by AMR; Allied Market Research foretells that the virtual fineness market will reach about $60 billion by 2027. Now that’s a long time to come.  But let’s talk about what’s been happening in the fitness industry right here, right now. Also, we’ll explore what potentials these new fitness trends and how it has evolved within a short time. You might have realized that recently, you don’t need to be in the  gym to get a fitness  instructor who will assist you with your workout plans and routine.  This must have started since  the introduction of mobile phone applications. Yes, since the influx of mobile applications that help you decrypt the challenge of what to train and and how frequently. They even include short videos for demonstration purposes.  In the past years, fitness has been rapidly moved towards becoming something that we can all access via the internet. Until recently, it had been gradual, especially  if you consider the fitness mobile apps and occasionally, web applications. However, some events have fast tracked the movement and now fitness is becoming more accessible via the internet more than ever.  Factors that influenced online fitness and how it evolved The coronavirusYou might be wondering when online fitness became a thing. You probably didn’t even realize the gradual shift. Since it was initially gradual, we cannot pinpoint a particular  period when the fitness industry moved online. However,  one of the most obvious periods of online fitness was during the times when the novel coronavirus hit hard. Many people were stuck at home hoping that the virus infections would soon be over. However, several fitness lovers took to their mobile devices; phones and personal computers to get fit. Problem solved. Interest from older adultsAnother motivation for the fitness business to become an online thing is the fact that many older adults are somehow easily  taken to getting fit via the online platforms. Perhaps this is as a result of their being less mobile than the younger folk. They especially seem to enjoy the virtual training sessions. This is proper guidance on the way to go about the exercises and routines.  Dominance of body weight fitness Bodyweight exercise offers many people a cheap and effective way to work. Since it does not require any equipment many people are willing to jump on a virtual fitness program that automatically doesn’t come with all the extra weight.   Online training might have taken away the extra motivation that a physical trainer offers. Yet, it didn’t stop fitness  enthusiasts from getting the best out of the terrible lockdown situation. In fact with superiors data connections one could perhaps conduct an online training session or follow recorded training videos.  And that’s the potential big online fitness staring you in the face. Online fitness has and would help break barriers. How would the online fitness industry function? So far, the online fitness practices are almost without any hitch. Besides the event of slow internet connection at times, there isn’t much to discredit the new movement. And the fact that fitness is now online doesn’t make the exercises performed  any less effective. The basic things that are involved in a physical training session can easily be reproduced online. There is  the tangible aspect of motivation which is based on communication between the trainer and client. Also the new wave of body weight exercises makes fitness possible almost anywhere. Since the online space is almost solely based on communication, personal trainers can motivate their clients from several kilometers apart and more. In fact, this trend has encouraged the patronage of clients and personal trainers over longer distances which wouldn't have been the case if the COVID19 pandemic didn’t push the  start button for online fitness to boom.  Who can participate in online fitness? Apparently, the elderly love it. That doesn’t make it restricted to them alone. A lot of young people are also involved in online fitness in one way or the other.  This is going to become the new normal for fitness. Keeping fit can be done in the convenience  of your home without the need to physically meet with any fitness coach. Also, there is less stress involved. Rather than the hassle involved in going from place to place for either the trainer or the client,  it can be done at either party’s convenience instead. When the stakeholders love it there’s usually no stopping it. This new way of fitness which is online is enormously supported by several stakeholders. There is much to benefit from the online fitness movement for all players involved — whether one is a trainer, fitness enthusiast or a business tycoon.  What will online fitness be like going forward? For now we can all enjoy the ease of working out from anywhere we choose to be and still getting access to the best training materials and the best trainers that we can afford. Somehow, the movement started with mobile applications that allow many people access to several training content. Then as the coronavirus became a thing there was an increase in virtual fitness training. Taking note that these mediums of training existed before the virus.  For the foreseeable future, it’s likely that the bodyweight training trend as well as the need to take precautions and the general positive support for online fitness will spur more investments into making online fitness stay.  

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